Spring 2017 Commission Project
  • Credit listing on the published score and parts
  • An invitation to attend the premiere performance of the new piece at the Newport Jazz Festival┬« 08/06/2017 
  • Personal calls with Maria as she updates you on the progress of the piece 
  • An exclusive look into the compositional journey as it unfolds
  • A glimpse into rehearsals, either through video or by actually attending if you are available.
The Thompson Fields
  • Get credit listing on the The Thompson Fields CD for helping make this recording possible
  • Credit Listing on a commemorative marker we're creating at Willow Lake Farm near Maria's hometown in Minnesota
  • Invitation to a recording/mixing/mastering session
  • Coffee table book, The Birds of Paradise: Revealing the World's Most Extraordinary Birds, which inspired the piece Arbiters of Evolution
  • See sketches of Maria's new compositions and hear clips from rehearsal to the final recording session
  • Receive a LTD Edition The Thompson Fields CD

Winter Morning Walks
  • Receive prominent ArtistShare┬« Executive Producer credit listing on the new recording
  • Follow the creative process behind the creation of this historic recording
  • Attend a performance at Carnegie Hall as Maria's guest
  • Receive signed original handwritten score pages from the recording
  • Receive personal phone calls from Maria as the project progresses
  • Limited Edition Winter Morning Walks  CD
Sky Blue

This project was completed on 7/24/2007. Below are the original project highlights and description:

    • Executive Producer Participant: Little Johnny Koerber
    • Gold Participants: Carl and Dori Schneider
    • Silver Participants: Eugene Malinowski, Bill Bloemer, Justin Freed
    • Bronze Participants: Paul James, Peter Riley, Eric Wenocur, Kate Schneider, Bret Gladstone, Bob and Lauren Bresnan, Jeff Clemens

  • Follow along with Maria through ArtistShare as she writes a new commission for Peter Sellars and the New Crowned Hope Festival
  • See sketches of the new commission and hear clips from the first rehearsal through to the final recording session
  • Learn about her passion for birding and hear how this relates to her new composition
  • Get credit listing on the Sky Blue CD for helping make this recording possible
Concert in the Garden
  • Experience the creative process with Maria!
  • Get an inside look at Maria's compositional process.
  • Hear the music unfold from the first rehearsal to the final recording.
  • Score samples
The Live Project - Days of wine and roses
  • Live At The Jazz Standard/Days Of Wine And Roses recording with an extra download track
  • Streamed video from the Maria Schneider Orchestra on their 2005 European and US tours
  • Streamed audio journals and photo galleries from the same tours
  • Almost endless behind-the-scenes fun via streamed video, when you login to your account. We're all a lot younger which is fun in itself.
  • Contest questions and answers from our 2005 tours
The ArtistShare Commission Project
  • An exclusive look into Maria's compositional journey as it is being created with total artistic freedom
  • Credit listing on the published score and parts
  • See sketches of the composition as the piece unfolds and develops
  • Signed, matted original sketch page or a signed title page of the published score(See offers for details)
  • Personal calls with Maria as she updates you on the progress of the piece (Commission Participant only)
  • A glimpse into a first rehearsal, either through video or by actually attending the rehearsal (See offers for details)
  • Participant offers are closing 11/1/09
10/18/2006 - Maria's Journal-- New Commission Description, Part 1
Inspirations for "New Crowned Hope" Commission
By Maria Schneider

Though I've lived in New York for over 20 years, my heart and soul still reside in a small town in southwest Minnesota where I grew up. An open prairie and farm...
10/18/2006 - Maria's Journal-- New Commission Description, Part 2
Now, in the middle of Manhattan, I fortuitously landed 1/2 block from what's recognized as the 12th best birding spot in the United States. For years, I didn't even realize it. But, in fact, numerous migratory birds fly up the east coast from...
10/18/2006 - Maria's Journal-- New Commission Description, Part 3
My piece is inspired by these creatures. They carry with them South and Central America, a place my music has reached out to for many years. I hope to capture the anticipation, the reaching for Spring. It starts with a feeling of earth --...
Sky Blue CD - LTD Edition w/40 page booklet (mail order)
Sky Blue was released in 2007 and subsequently won a Grammy award for the composition "Cerulean Skies." The following description was written prior to its launch. All documentation described below continues to be made...