Braided Together

Study Score, Downloadable

Duration 4:00


This is an alto feature for alto 2. It’s an added plus if the player has some experience playing classical music.


5 reeds, 4 flügelhorns throughout, 3 trombones (buckets), 1 bass trombone (bucket), accordion (this part could alternatively be played on violin or vibes), guitar, piano*, bass, drums. *The pianist needs to prepare pads to put between the strut and the strings, so that when the pedal is pressed and you strike the key, you get a muted but resonant tone. Soft socks can work, but they shouldn’t be jammed in too tight to overly dampen the vibration of the string. The pad(s) you make should cover the strings evenly from middle C down a 9th to low Bb. Some pianos have a strut separating the strings you need, so then you need two pads placed on either side of the strut or two soft socks.